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President’s Corner: “Summer Trivia of Thanks” and Dave Gurniak

President’s Corner:  “Summer Trivia of Thanks” and Dave Gurniak

Can you answer the following summer trivia questions without checking the answers.  I suspect you can!  We have a wonderful club!

  1. How many River to Sea teams included ERC members?
  2. Who organized our “Doug Williams Scholarship Fund”, the Trail Mix, and the Ten Hill Challenge?
  3. Who was the ERC organizer of the Interclub Challenge?
  4. Who are the two ERC organizers of the Verona Labor Day 5K?
  5. Who hosted a Wednesday or Thursday night run this past summer?  Who hosted the Annual Wine and Cheese?
  6. Why is Paul posting an updated schedule every Monday night?
  7. Who recently put the ERC clothing “on line”?
  8. Who had a third successful year with organizing the “Youth Track Series”?
  9. When will the monthly meetings at Fitzgerald’s resume?
  10. Do our summer activities end with the September 1st Verona Labor Day Run?
  11. Who is our biggest supporter?


  1. By most accounts, 10 teams.  I remember when joining the club in ’96, Tom Kelly was describing how a total of ten teams ran in it the first year.  This year, we had 10 teams of mostly ERC members.  The R2C has really grown!  Congratulations everyone!
  2. Mick Close does an awful lot for this club.  We are very grateful!  (Look for information in the newsletter and website on the Eagle Rock 9/11 Memorial Run from Fleet Feet on September 14th.)
  3. Desmond Duncker also does an awful lot for this club.  Congratulations to ERC runners and volunteers and to our sister clubs.  It was a great morning.
  4. Mick and Catherine Close and Tom and Martta Kelly are our organizers for the Verona 5K on September 1st..  Please contact them to volunteer.  We need a lot of people to make this race successful.  See details elsewhere in the newsletter.  Mick & Catherine and Tom & Martta have done a “top notch” job each year.
  5. Paul Maloney, Paige Sato, Tom and Martta Kelly, Don and Carol Manfria, Randi Cohen, and Elsa Slater hosted runs this past summer.  As mentioned in a previous column, John and Faye Harvey hosted the Wine and Cheese.  Thanks guys!
  6. An updated schedule was posted each week because we had an unusual amount of week to week changes this year.  Thanks for your patience! (In addition, we’re taking a good look at the hosted runs and recognize there continues to be conflicts with the Fleet Feet Thursday night runs.  Stay tuned for new ideas coming next year!)
  7. We are very grateful for Laura Barry’s efforts.  The “on line” process will make buying ERC clothing even easier.  Look for information in the newsletter and website.
  8. As recognized in a previous column , Tom Eaton makes the organization of the Youth Track Series look very easy.  However—Tom, his family, Fleet Feet, and many other individuals work very hard in promoting and running these meets.  Thank you!
  9. The monthly meetings will resume on September 15th at Fitzgerald’s in Glen Ridge.  We are going back to Monday nights, (usually the second Monday of the month).  Check out Tracy Keller’s article in the newsletter and website.
  10. No, we have a lot coming up including the Doug Williams Memorial 5,000 Meter race on September 7th.  (Thank you Dan Murphy!) Look for information in this newsletter and website.
  11. With many of the activities mentioned with these questions and answers, the staff at Fleet Feet Sports in Montclair are always there for us.  A big shout out to John, Paul (yeah, great things heard about the speedwork), Gail, Laura, and the rest of the staff members!


Dave Gurniak is one of our very active members.  You can often find Dave at the trail, Fleet Feet, and hosted runs.  Dave answers our three questions:

1. What is your favorite ERC activity/race?

My favorite event is the 10 hill challenge, which I missed due to being out of town .

2. What training advice would you give to fellow members?

Training advice: “be consistant with your training” and “have fun”. ERC makes both easy!

3. What are your personal running goals for the coming year?

My first goal is to keep training and have fun. My second goal would be to do the R2C for the first time (which was great – GO WET Warriors). My third goal is run a faster 5K, which based on how I felt after Lager.   Now it seems like a real challenge.


Next Month:  Who is the “force” behind “Team Bacon”?  How will “Bacon” change the world of running?

Consider yourself at home….one of the family….one of us….


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