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At the Races

Hartford Marathon, October 11, 2014–Pia LoPresti

It all started on a cold, humid, rainy day in Hartford, CT. Ryen and I lined up for our 12th marathon, clad in throwaway rain gear and not really knowing what to expect after a not-so-smooth training season. But we figured, why not go for our goal paces and just see what happens…How bad can it be?!?! Well, it was actually pleasant for the first 5 miles, but then the humidity lifted and it started raining harder and getting colder. By mile 9, that pesky cold I caught 5 days earlier was rearing its ugly head and all I could think was 17.2 more miles of this….UGGG! Nonetheless, onwards I went. I crossed the half at 1:43, still on pace but fading FAST! I found Ryen at mile 15 who was also having a rough go at it. And so we ran together and decided to just have fun with the rest of this miserable marathon…taking in the scenery, laughing at the funny signs, cheering on other runners, spotting other ERC members on the course, posing for the photographers, and thanking all the volunteers and spectators. Slowly but surely the miles ticked away. As much as we did not want to be running anymore, the cheers and encouragement from those loyal spectators during those final miles boosted our water logged spirits and we couldn’t help but smile. So step-by-step, and hand-in-hand, we crossed that finish line! It may not have been our fastest marathon, but it was our 12th state in the books!
Ryen LoPresti – 3:46:41
Pia LoPresti – 3:46:42

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