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President’s Corner: Spotlight on Our Board Members, Kevin Burns, Ed Gold, Roselynn Horway, and Jerry Utr

President’s Corner:  Spotlight on Our Board Members, Kevin Burns, Ed Gold, Roselynn Horway, and Jerry Utr

Going into my third year as President, I am quite aware that my role is quite easy because of the great job our Board Members do!  I’m spotlighting only a fraction of what these great people do for the ERC!

Tracy Keller:  Our vice president also organizes our meetings and social gatherings.

Carl Sturcke:  Our club treasurer has been overseeing our finances for many years now.  Carl is also involved in organizing our club socials.

Tom Kelly:  The club secretary is also one of the organizers of the Verona Labor Day 5K and Awards Ceremony who along with his wife Martta hosts many of our runs.

Laura Barry:  Along with making our clothing “online”, Laura has been a great coach and organizer for our USATF teams.  We are especially grateful for the organization of the “Ladies Night” from this past year.

Anne Chesney:  One of the most active distance running and “Track and Field” officials in the area, our former “Club President” is involved with organizing our club speakers.

Mick Close:  One of the directors of the Verona Labor Day 5K, Mick also organizes a lot of training runs with Fleet Feet and the NYC Marathon Bus.  (We also thank John, Paul, Gail, Laura, and the crew at Fleet Feet!)

Desmond Duncker:  Our “Jack of all Trades”, Desmond currently oversees the website and the newsletter.  Desmond also does a lot of “behind the scenes” work such as being the club director of our “Interclub Challenge”.  (We also thank the many clubs for their participation!)

Mark Frankel:  Our former President is very involved with planning the awards for our Awards Ceremony and organizing the NYC Marathon Bus.  (We also thank Larry Hollander!)

Troy Powell:  We are very grateful for Troy’s role as “Membership Director” during the last two years.  Troy also organized our transition to “Multi-Year Membership”.  Thanks Troy!

John Harvey:  We’re very grateful to John (and his wife Faye) for hosting our Wine and Cheese Party for the last two years.  One of our Awards Emcees, John will be taking on the “Membership Director” position this year.

Don Manfria:  A regular at many USATF events, Don organized our speedwork sessions this past year with Paul Giuliano.

Paige Sato:  Another regular at many races, Paige also edits our website.

Michael Gorman and Ed Kelly:  Along with Laura, Michael and Ed are always helping get the teams together for the USATF races.  (Be sure to renew your USATF dues!)

We also welcome Ryen & Pia LoPresti and Paula Fields to our Board this coming year.

Once again, I want to recognize the great job these Board Members do each year. They certainly make the President’s job easier!


For the end of the year, we spotlight four members—Kevin Burns, Ed Gold, Roselyn Horway, and Jerry Utr.  They answer our usual three questions:

  1. What is your favorite ERC activity/race?
  2. What training advice would I give to fellow members?
  3. What are my personal running goals for the coming year?

Kevin Burns is a long time runner and new member  He writes:

“Two favorite Essex activities that I enjoyed, and reason for joining ERC in 2015 are the supported runs, especially the 9/11 Memorial, and River to Sea Relay. The teamwork and friendship is quite contagious.

Training advice is simple, take advantage of supported group runs, which is a powerful source of strength drawn from each other. You will run longer and faster with distractions called training partners.

Personal goals for 2015 are as good as booked:

“Course du Coeurs,” The Race of the Heart, a 750K Relay from Paris to the Alps to raise awareness for organ donations and transplants. Was selected for a second time to represent the United States for our global aviation company.

New Jersey Marathon, representing Lifetime Athletic-Montvale, as they take full charge of race management in 2015.

River to Sea Relay-Part Deux, a 91 mile relay through the back roads of New Jersey to Manasquan Beach. This year hoping for summer heat to make the team plunge into the ocean a reality”.

Ed Gold is a well known member of the club and much of his marathon running has been devoted to raising funds for the Montclair Library.  In his comments, Ed questions the number of hills in the “Ten Hill Challenge”:

“I am a relatively new ERC member and it is hard to pick a favorite event.  I’ve participated in the ten hill (how many hills are there really?) challenge, the New Year’s morning run, support runs, breakfast runs, and parties.  Being among ERC members is always fun and inspiring.

Since joining the ERC and running with the Fleet Feet group over the last four years, I have received so much advice, especially during the longer runs.  It seems that runners want to share their experiences and there is so much to learn from each other.  So ask a lot of questions and be ready for long answers.  It’s a great way to work on listening skills.  I try to ask my questions just as we approach a hill.

Stay committed to your training routine.  Personally, I need structure and found that a running coach works best for me.  I look forward to getting my Sunday night email from my coach and learning what my workouts will be for the following week.

Most important, realize how lucky you are to be able to be running. Enjoy yourself and smile! There are so many people who wish they could be in our shoes or rather in our sneakers!

My running goals for 2015 are to be consistent with my training.  I will run a half marathon in the spring and local, shorter distance races.  I have yet to decide if I will run a fall marathon or not.  In October, I met my goal of qualifying for Boston 2016, and therefore my new goal is to train and stay healthy for Boston”.

A regular “Team Bacon” runner, Roselynn Horway also comments about the hills.  Roselynn writes:

“My favorite ERC event is hands down the 10 hill challenge because 11 hills would just be crazy. I look forward to this event each year where we run through Montclair, Verona, Essex Fells and Cedar Grove.  The course is not only beautiful, challenging but well supported due to the generosity of Mick Close.  On this day in August we have Hills for Breakfast!!

My best training advice is to make running friends.  No one understands the crazy mentality of a runner like another runner. Finding a training buddy will keep you motivated and accountable. Knowing I have to meet my running partner keeps me from blowing off my miles on lazy days. Plus the longer miles get very lonely and having company make them more enjoyable or at least entertaining.

I have two marathons planned in 2015. In the spring I plan to head to Maine to participate in the Sugarloaf Marathon and for the 3rd time run the NYC Marathon in the fall. One of the reasons I love to run is because I never know where it might take me or who I will meet. Running for me is an adventure and I can’t wait to see where it might bring me too next”.

A regular at many club functions, Jerry Utr always has a smile on this face.  Jerry comments:

“I’m big into celebrations so the Awards dinner and Christmas party would have to be my co-favorite events.I think we are blessed to have so many great races throughout our state; my race pick would be Hair of the Dog at Working Dog Winery in Robbinsville. The course is a simple out and back; what does it for  me is the opportunity to bond with the dogs, a concert that runs throughout the afternoon, food vendors, and wine tasting that makes this event an enjoyable day.

My best advice is to stay consistent in your training regiment; don’t over-train, and train all areas of the body. I have dealt with some knee, hip, and back pain over the years; since I’ve alternate my running with gym work, I’m a better athlete overall and still have been able to improve even into my 50’s. My gym work used to be simply upper body but I use many of the leg, hip and glute machines. A gym accident recently left my unable to run for a month, I still made sure not to neglect my workouts and also come up with other creative ways of having cardiovascular benefits.

I’m not much for goals. Although I have to say that I had a great goal in 2014 was to see if I could PR ever race course that I ran. I did accomplish that goal which I am quite proud of. Maybe someday, I’ll run a marathon, but I don’t have a timetable on that. I want to continue to make running a part of my life, introduce people to running, provide a good example for beginners. I would like to continue my friendships that I have made ERC and throughout the running community and build new ones. I have had great running experiences in the last few years as I have run on opposite ends of the country and raced internationally; I hope to find a new place to race in 2015”.

Thank you Kevin, Ed, Roselynn, and Jerry!

My best to the ERC Family for a Happy Holiday and New Year!

Consider yourself at home….one of the family….one of us!


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