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Mick Close enters ERC Hall of Fame, Congratulations Runners of the Year: Laura Barry and Jerry Velli, Other Award Winners Listed Below

Awards 2014 (Awarded in 2015)
Larry Hollander Award (Service) Laura Barry
Vince Carnevale Spirit Award (Service) Tom Kelly
Rachel Ray Award . Paige Sato
Cheerleaders. Sue Palermo, Roselynn Horway
Couples in Competition. Laura Barry and Paul PierottiPaul and Sue Giuliano
Marco Polo Award Joe Quattrocchi, Faye Harvey, John Harvey
Journalism. Melissa DiMarco
Spirit of ERC. Dan Murphy, Tracy Keller
Supporting Business. Fitzgeralds, John Fabbro and Fleet Feet Staff, Iron Physical Therapy
Ashcan. George Studzinski
Most Improved. Jon Alaya
Rookie. Guido Weber, Mike Barry
Doug Williams Most Consistent Award. Ryen LoPresti
“Mayor” of W.E.T. Runners, Thursday Night FF, Team Bacon, and Grove  Wayne Carlson, Don Manfria, Rob Allen, and Phil Coffin
Multisport. Mike Anello
Off Road. Brian Innis
Ultra Male                                         Mike Skara
Ultra Female                                      Aubrey Blanda
Special Recognition, Firefighter of the Year—Troy PowellSpecial Recognition, Youth Track Program—Tom Eaton and Family



Freyer Glen
Harris Rebecca



Biebel Richard
Giuliano Paul
Scheittinger Diana
Smith Catherine



Giuliano Paul
Auth Dorothy



Giuliano Paul
Auth Dorothy



Czaplewski Larry
Czaplewski Larry
Messina Laura
Kelly Martta



Smith Dan
Czaplewski Larry
O’Rourke Aileen



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