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Pocono Marathon–May 17, 2015 by Mike Skara

Unpleasant. That is the best way to describe the Pocono Marathon this year. I did my job, hitting the line at 4:19:07, but I was accompanied only by my 4:20 pace sign.

The weather was the biggest culprit, as the temps topped 80 degrees and a reported 65% humidity. The lack of shade on the course hurt as well, though I knew that going in, as I’ve paced this event three times now.

The volunteers at the aid stations were very enthusiastic and always in good spirits, but they only had liquids. The RD did publish this & I brought nutrition, but I think some runners ran out of resources.

I had a decent group through almost 17 miles. I was recognized by some runners for whom I paced in the past. The early highlight was the eight of us belting out “Sweet Caroline” on a down hill. Unfortunately, the heat took its toll and I was down to one runner by 18. She hung in until 20.

That’s the hardest part of pacing, knowing you’re about to be alone. I wanted to give Shannon from Queens some of my strength, but alas I was bound to keep my pace. It was unpleasant leaving her.

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