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At the Races

Spring Lake 5 Mile–May 24, 2015, by Laura Barry Pierotti

Spring Lake 5 Results

Michael Gorman 31:09

Gerry Velli 36:08

Aileen O’rourke 38:16
Amanda Ryan 38:23
Don Manfria 39:46
Samantha Spitaletta 45:35
Roselynn Bedoya 45:36
Laura Barry 45:36 (PR)
Gina Imperato 47:57
Tracy Keller 47:57
Edward Kelly 54:27
Raymond Murphy 59:49

Paul Maloney 1:00:04
Carolann Manfria 1:03:37

Once again I’m sure I missed someone please feel free to let me know and I’ll add you to the list!

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