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President’s Corner: Spotlight on David Letterman? No, Spotlight on our ERC Team!

President’s Corner: Spotlight on David Letterman? No, Spotlight on our ERC Team!

Please look at our schedules and calendars for a busy summer with the ERC! We hope to see you at as many activities and races as possible!

I’m a big fan of David Letterman and really enjoyed his recent farewell episode. As a tribute to David Letterman, I edited some of your quotes to make a “Top Ten List” from the first six months of 2015. Enjoy! (Did you know Letterman is a regular runner, even after his heart surgery?) (My apologies for not including more!)


10. Laura Barry, January Newsletter on the USATF National Club Cross Country Championships, Bethlehem, PA – Dec 13th, 2014 : “I know I kept Tracy and Annie in my sights the entire race. I finally caught up to Annie with about 1K to go… we ran that 1K side by side and fast! We kicked at the finish and crossed together. As it was all of our first time running a 6K we all PR’ed!”

9. Joe Quattrocchi, February Newsletter : “The Dopey Challenge was a long four days but after crossing the finish line 4 times and earning 6 medals, it was all worth it!” Dopey Challenge (Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend – Lake Buena Vista, FL)”.

8. Jerry Velli, April Newsletter, E Murray Todd 1/2 Marathon – March 1st, 2015: “I want to congratulate everyone for coming out and battling the hills and chill resulting a great run today. It was a great return for me as it was my first race since early Nov. when I had my gym accident”.

7. Stephen Sundown, April Newsletter, Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Marathon – March 14th, 2015: “After an epic winter and training through it, winter did not loosen its grip on us for this past Saturday DC Rock n Roll marathon. Instead, it gave us yet another hurdle to overcome. Freezing rain and wind from the beginning to the end of the 26.xx (most Gamines measured an at least an extra .25 miles), yet there were no DNF in this crowd.”

6. Laura Barry, April Newsletter, Shamrock Weekend (8K, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon) – March 21st & 22nd, 2015: “The most popular option was the Dolphin Challenge, (8K on Saturday and half on Sunday). Jon Alaya and Paul Pierotti decided the King Neptune challenge was more their pace participating in the 8K on Saturday and the half AND full on Sunday. The catch to this challenge was they needed to finish the half and transition to the start of the full in an hour and 50 minutes.”

5. Mike D. Skara, May Newsletter, N.J. Marathon: “I got peppered by zingers from Randy for four, count ’em, four, hours. I got cheers from the sidelines from Laura and Paul, the Mr. Gigs. I saw Glenn, Ellen (The Triumphant), & Laura several times during the run, which also happens while I’m in Montclair.”

4. Pia LoPresti, June Newsletter, Boston Marathon: “…But each of those final miles lined with cheering spectators was a struggle, mentally and physically. And while those miles may not have been my fastest, they were certainly one of my finest as I was giving everything I had left in me. I was running for my family and friends and each of those miles was dedicated to them. The right on Hereford and left on Boylston was simply incredible! And as I crossed the finish line, I knew I had that PR and BQ, 3:28:08! While it certainly is not my last marathon (or Boston…woohoo!), that day was my greatest run ever!”

3. Martta Kelly, June Newsletter, Newport 10K: “…My time? Meh. But I have no one to blame but slothfulness due to my intense dislike of winter. Paul G’s speed work sessions are giving me encouragement, though. He got my lazy self to do a 8:15 mile! Just have to translate that to racing. I’ll be back!”.

2. Jon Alaya, June Newsletter, Cure for IBD 5K & Fun Run for Crohn’s and Colitis: “…. Finished 3rd OA, 1st AG, and PR’d with a 19:59:55. My first sub 20:00, with many more to come hopefully. Thanks to my Family and friends (Roselynn Horway), who came out to make up an amazing cheering section”.

1. Martta Kelly, June Newsletter, Caldwell-West Caldwell Board of Education 5k–May 16, 2015: “Good workout and fun revisiting my school. Tom cheered me on today and he is saving his energy for Run for Rachel tomorrow. John Piccoli, George McIntyre, and George Swiatek were also there to cheer us on”.

As mentioned, my apologies for not including more. Keep supporting and cheering on!

Consider yourself at home….one of the family….one of us,

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