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President’s Corner: Spotlight on John Maxwell, Brian Innis, Mike Anello, Adam Perry…and as always Desmond Duncker, Tom Eaton, Mick Close, John Fabbro, and the Fleet Feet Staff, by Paul Maloney, ERC President

So far we’ve had a great summer with the “Summer Hosted Events” and various races. Look for more on the “Summer Hosted Events” elsewhere in this newsletter.

This month, we spotlight John Maxwell, Brian Innis, Mike Anello, and Adam Perry—all members who have joined us within the 5 years. All four runners stress speedwork, strength work, and cross training when answering our three questions:

1. What is your favorite running experience?
2. What is your favorite Essex Running Club experience?
3. What training methods would you recommend to members?

John Maxwell:
1. Well, I have many (favorite running experiences). I’ve been running on and off for approximately 45 years, and been racing nearly 30 years. It’s hard to pick the one that stands out, but I’ll start with a Father’s Day race in Central Park roughly 20 years ago. As I ran the 4 miler, my boys were in the kids runs along with Disney characters. After the race was a raffle with the grand prize of a trip for a family of 4 to Disney World. Who won? My oldest son! We spent a week all expenses paid at Disney. The year later, the raffle didn’t include kids. Another racing experience that stands out is the 40(1)K Rat Race in Lower Manhattan. 40(1)K=2.5 miles. You had to run in a business attire, jacket & tie and carry a brief case, but were allowed to wear running shoes. I did this with a friend for several years until 9/11, when the race ended.
2. The wine & cheese party at the Harvey’s residence, which I did the past 2 years is my favorite Essex Running Club experience.
3. I recommend training methods which are anything other than the way I train. I just go out and run. Sometimes I run a measured course, or simply improvise and run where ever. I haven’t done any speed work although I highly recommend it, it’s been too many years since I’ve done any, and I also recommend going out for a long run once, week, another thing I haven’t done in a very long time.

Brian Innis:
1. My favorite running experiences were in younger years. I competed in Track and Field in both high school and college as a sprinter. My events were mainly the 200 meters and the 400 meters. One of my most memorable moments in high school and college track was competing in the Penn Relays at Franklin Field in Philadelphia. There’s nothing like running a relay in a historic stadium with other runner from across the country amongst thousands of other knowledgeable running fans.
2. Taking the NYC marathon bus organized by the ERC is one of my favorite ERC experiences. Traveling to Fort Wadsworth on the bus and hanging out in the start village with a couple of other ERC members, was a very cool experience.
3. Recommended training methods: For any distance, incorporating some speed training into your workouts goes a long way.

Mike Anello:
1. One of my favorite running experiences was completing the Philidephia marathon which was my first marathon.
2. My favorite ERC experience was the hosted run at Tom and Martta Kelly’s house with bagels afterwards and coffee.
3. A training method I would recommend would be to mix swimming and biking into any training plan. This helps to rest areas of your body that may be overworked while strengthening others. Core work whether it be abdominal, obliques or lower back can be extremely beneficial to distance running as well helping to keep good form to be as efficient as possible. I would also add that I think supplementing weight training can help your running whether you’re training for long or short distance races. Anyone interested in biking or swimming is welcome to join me.

Adam Perry
1. One of my favorite running experiences was this past spring at the Sugarloaf Marathon. I’ve learned that running a marathon is one of the few things in life where you can devote so much specific time, effort and energy to planning for (i.e. training) and still have it completely go to shit when the day comes. I mean, what else in life do you devote 4 months of planning to and have it not go the way you expected even a little bit? This is exactly what happened up in Maine. However, misery sure does love company and because the unexpected heat that day kicked so many of our asses, nobody was able to let it ruin his/her day. We all stayed at that finish line till the very last runner crossed, cheering for our fellow runners (not only our friends from NJ but EVERYONE). When running a marathon, you are technically competing against every other person there, but it doesn’t feel that way. You are out there with everybody else, running with them, suffering with them, and fighting with them to cross that finish line.
2. I am so grateful to have so many great ERC memories to choose from having only been a member since 2013. ERC is filled with such great people with whom I enjoy spending time both running and not. One of my favorite memories so far was running my first marathon (NJ) in April of last year. There I was, huffing my way through the course and not once, not twice, but THREE times was I surprised with Essex members cheering me on. These were the folks that just 6 month prior I had not even met, and they were out there on a chilly, windy day cheering me to the finish line. By the final time I saw them, less than a mile from the finish, I felt my breathing, or what was left of it, getting a little choked up and as I came to the realization that yes, I was going to finish my first marathon, but also, I had made some damn good friends by deciding to go to a group run at Fleet Feet the previous November not knowing anybody there. Epilogue – after finishing the race, I was sitting on the curb by the bag check unable to move for quite some time and over walks Mike Skara (chipper as ever like he had just been out for an easy 5 miler) who saw me in my Essex hoodie and came over to introduce himself and congratulate me. We really are NJ’s friendliest running club.
3. I have only been what I would consider a “serious” runner for about a year and a half so I still don’t think I’ve quite found my stride (pun intended) when it comes to the best training methods for me. I’m still trying out new things and seeing what works and what doesn’t. One thing that I am constantly fighting with myself to make more time for that I can absolutely recommend to others is cross training. Yoga, cycling, swimming, resistance training, group fitness classes at your local gym. Anything that gets your heart pumping but has your muscles working in a different way that when you run. As far as training plans go, I particularly enjoyed the training plan that Pia Lopresti shared with me that she, Ryen and I used for Sugarloaf. It was more enjoyable that a simple, mileage-based training plan and had a lot more targeted workouts including specific pace goals for long runs. It comes from a 2004 Runner’s World article by Scott Douglas titled, Get Serious: A 12-week Marathon Training Plan. I’d be glad to post a PDF of the article in the ERC Facebook group if anyone is interested.

The ERC also wants to recognize Desmond Duncker, Tom Eaton, Mick Close, John Fabbro, and the Fleet Feet Staff. This past weekend, Desmond did his usual great job with the Interclub Challenge. We were outnumbered but it was a great morning of friendly competition with North Jersey Masters, Clifton Roadruners, and other clubs and individuals. For a fourth year, Tom Eaton and his family organized the Junior Youth Track series. We always appreciate Tom and the many volunteers for their efforts. We also appreciate Mick Close, John Fabbro, and the crew at Fleet Feet for the recent Trail Mix and the upcoming Ten Hill Challenge. John, Paul, Laura, and the rest of the Fleet Feet staff were also very supportive of the Junior Youth Track program and we look forward to some special projects coming up.

Consider yourself at home….one of the family….one of us,

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NYC Marathon Bus

NYC Marathon Bus

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