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President’s Corner: Spotlight on “Report Your Race Times, We Value You!”

President’s Corner: Spotlight on “Report Your Race Times, We Value You!”

As “President” of this club, I like to put the spotlight on you– the members. I avoid writing about my own running. For one thing, I haven’t put in many races in recent years. With a hectic work schedule, some injuries, and minor illnesses, my running has been quite limited–there isn’t much to write about. I want to put emphasis on the members who come from many different backgrounds who are quite proud of their accomplishments. I’ve always valued the spirit of this club and how much everyone makes one feel welcome. We have a wide variety of abilities, exercise goals, and interests. What brings everyone together is mutual respect for whatever our goals are and friendship shared when trying to obtain these goals. It’s one of the reasons I’m on the ERC Board and serving as your President.

Since my running has been limited, I seldom report race times to the ERC newsletter. One reason might be is that I have a “40 Year Old Ego”. I had great success as a 1970’s Columbia High School, Maplewood runner and really don’t always want to report some “slower” times as an adult runner. (See excerpt from article in “Keeping Track”, sometime in 1998 below*.) Since joining the club in late 1996, my best performances have been a 26:00 5K (Caldwell) and a 2:30 Half Marathon (Liberty). I’m so grateful to my ERC friends for being so supportive of me with any of my attempts and would not give this up for anything. However, I still worry about being stuck in the past. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself about “ego”, but I certainly hold off reporting times thinking that my “high school prime time” has passed and my “adult fitness time” doesn’t have to be reported.

I’ve been wrong—reporting my times are important—and at the same time, maybe the “times” one reports isn’t important. Confusing? Well recently, I’ve finally got creative and decided to stop focusing on these limited times and change my goals. Since May, I decided to focus on running two races a month and to hell with whatever my times are. So far, I’ve run the following:

 Spring Lake 5 Mile, 1:04, (12:09/Mile pace)
 President’s Cup Millburn 5K, 35:10, (11:22/Mile pace)
 Lager, Fitzgerald’s 5K, 34:38, (11:08/Mile pace)
 Cranford Firecracker Four Miler, 45:55, (11:38/Mile pace)
 Westfield Pizza 5K, 37:19, (12:00+/Mile pace)
 Interclub Challenge 3 Mile, 33;45 (11:15/Mile pace)
 Wildwood Run for Autism 5K, 34:28 (11:06/Mile pace)

Certainly, my times are slower but I’m out there trying to reach a goal. The idea for two races a month comes from the late ERC Member Vince Carnevale who ran or walked over 500 races after turning 70 years old. For this year, I’m shooting to finish 15 races. For 2016, we’ll see. The idea for the shorter races comes from Larry Hollander who at times encouraged runners to belong to a “5 Mile Club”, (“Don’t train for more than a 5 Mile race to prolong your running career.”). I will be running a 10K soon as one of my 15 for this year but my races at this point will seldom be over 5 Miles. I’m reminded with this idea that it’s important to get out there and just DO IT and not worry about times. At the same time, I’m hoping these performances will get faster…..LOL……

We value what you are doing so please report your times to our newsletter and website. When planning the awards ceremony early next year, the Award Committee will certainly be looking at outstanding “fast” performances. We have a lot of talented, fast runners in this club and they will always be recognized!

Be assured we will also recognize those who are consistent and improving. A favorite quote of mine during the last 40 years: “Don’t judge yourself at all; accept yourself and move on from there”, (Newman and Berkowitz).

See material on posting a race below**.

Consider yourself….at home…part of the family…part of us….

*From “Favorite Running Experiences”, by Paul Maloney, from Keeping Track, sometime in 1998:
“While attending South Orange Junior High during the winter of 1973, I went out for the newly formed Columbia High School Freshmen Winter Track Team. After struggling with the sprints and hurdles (???!!!) through the winter and spring seasons, I went out for Cross Country the following fall. My sophomore year at Columbia was still a struggle but this time I concentrated on the mile and two mile. I was much more suited to run longer distances. The highlight of this year was breaking 11:00 in the two mile during the spring season. The time of “10:53” was not “blazing” but it gave me the confidence to continue.

Things began to fall into place during my junior and senior years. In my senior year Cross Country season, I got a 4th place in the Big Ten High School Conference Meet, 9th place in the Essex County Cross Country Championships, and a 15th place in the State Sectionals. My best times were a 15:19 three mile, (at the Big Ten meet mentioned) and a 10:07 two mile, (indoors). During these years, my cross country team went undefeated in dual meets and captured two Essex County championships. In my junior year, our team finished 2nd in the State Sectionals. The team’s winter and spring seasons were just as successful”.

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