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President’s Corner: Incoming President Tracy Keller, Doug Williams 5K, Kathrine Switzer Night, Wanted Website Administrator, “AshCan Quest”

Hello ERCers!

Incoming President Tracy Keller: This is my second to last column as your President. As the year winds down, be sure to contact Tracy Keller, the 2016 Club President if you are interested in getting involved with the Club Board or any other aspect of the club. Tracy has a lot of great ideas so stay tuned. Next month, I’ll be finishing up with a “State of the Club” article.
Doug Williams Run and Kathrine Switzer: September and October focused on the Annual Doug Williams Memorial 5K held in early September and the great talk by Kathrine Switzer and Roger Robinson for our October meeting. We thank Dan again for his efforts with the Doug Williams Run—be sure to enter the Horace Ashenfelter 8K on Thanksgiving morning. We also thank Lynne Mortimer and John Fabbro and the staff at Fleet Feet for their work on the Switzer night. Kathrine gave a great talk on her famous Boston Marathon race and the 261 program. (See for more information.) We thank Roger for speaking about his writing as well. Very special thanks to the Fleet Feet staff for everything done at their store, the Office Restaurant, and the church hall. It was one of the club’s most memorable nights.
Website Update, Website Administrator: As mentioned at the September meeting, we have a subcommittee working on a revised website. We are in special need of a main “Website Administrator”. If you have any interest in helping us, please contact Desmond Duncker, Tracy Keller, or myself.
Thanks for your comments: A couple of months ago, I wrote a column about posting your times and my current running experiences—I received a lot of nice written and verbal comments. That’s the wonderful thing about this club—all abilities are very welcome! Be sure to post your times to our website and newsletter! To add onto what was written back in September, my current goal is to run 300 races by my 70th Birthday (13 years to go), and 500 races by my 80th Birthday (23 years to go). Just call it my “AshCan Quest”. (Long time members know my reference.)
Consider yourself….at home….one of the family….one of us….

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