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Five Mile Club / Ash Can Quest, #1(15/285)

Five Mile Club / Ash Can Quest, #1  (15/285), by Paul Maloney

This is a new column for the Essex Running Club designed to promote and review local shorter races, call attention to our many “subgroups” in the ERC (Grove, FF, Bacon, WET, Hosted Runs), and to call attention to various goals our members have.  Postings of the column will be made each month.

The title of the column is in honor of two of our “ERC” pioneers.  “Five Mile Club” comes from Larry Hollander who often spoke about the idea of training for shorter races in order to promote lifetime fitness and avoid injuries.  “Ash Can Quest” is in honor of the late Vince Carnevale, a lifetime national and world accomplished distance runner who later in life competed in 500 races after turning 70 years old.  Currently, I’m personally attempting to compete in 300 races before turning 70.  The column will occasionally call attention to my “Quest”.  I currently competed in 15 races and have 285 to go.  (See number in the title.)  I’ll write more about my running experiences in future columns.

I’m also taking on the role of “Liaison and Historian” for the club.  I’m very familiar with our different “subgroups” and hope to be a visible “linkpin” for the club.  Joining the club in 1997, I also hope to be a “linkpin” from our pioneer years to present day.

This past month, we were treated with two great December 5K’s, the Trinity Academy (St. Aloysius Church) Reindeer Run and the Montclair Bread Company Doughnut Run.  In its fourth year, the Reindeer Run now attracts over 800 runners. The course goes through the northside area of Caldwell, West Caldwell, and North Caldwell.  The first two miles are a gradual uphill with a nice downhill for the last mile. Organizer Ava Reynolds and her staff have a lot to be proud of how the race has grown and will probably grow in the future.

Rachel Crampsey and Gina Imperato also have a lot to be proud of with the first running of the “Doughnut 5K”.  The staging area was Rachel’s Montclair Bread Company cooking studio and her Walnut St. store.  They provided cute doughnut medals (and of course, Rachel’s famous doughnuts and coffee) for all finishers in a nice setting.  The course was a great “out and back” to the Watchung area of Montclair.  Rachel and Gina cut off entries at 900 but if there was a way to increase entries, they could have easily gone over 1200.

Years ago, one would often have to search for an area race this time of year.  It’s nice to see two local races be so successful in December.  (A bonus has been the moderate weather.)   Congratulations to Jackson Bangs and Amanda Ryan who had the best club performances at both the Reindeer and the Doughnut.

Before I go, I want to call attention to our “online strength work”.  Take a look on Facebook at what Don Manfria is doing with daily strength workouts for club members.  What a great service for our club members!

Next month, a review of the longtime Asbury Park 5K (December 27th) and the Westfield Hangover Run (January 1st).

Consider yourself….at home….one of the family….one of us….


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