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Five Mile Club / Ash Can Quest, #3, 4/2/16, (19/281)


Happy Spring!

As last year, the monthly meetings continue to be in top quality with a January talk from Rob Gilbert on Sports Psychology , a February talk from Hakika DuBose from Power Stretch Studios, and a March talk from four ERC members.

Rob put us through a series of exercises to help us develop an awareness of how the brain helps with success in running….and life.  (And….John Harvey got 20.00 richer.)  Long time running writer Matt Fitzgerald current has a book out, How Bad Do You Want It?, Mastering the Psychology of Mind over Muscle which explores similar themes.

Power Stretch Studios from Montclair gave us various instruction on “Dynamic Stretching” which puts emphasis on limited bouncing, static stretching, and passive stretching.  We hear great things about Hikika so be sure to schedule an appointment.  Perhaps Power Stretch can meet your training needs.

In March, Tom Eaton, Samantha Spitaletta, Tim Panebianco, and Adam Perry went “above and beyond” giving us individual and very personal talks.  Tom gave us a slide show about our very successful “Youth Track Series” and its need for volunteers.  Samantha, Tim, and Adam talked about the reasons why they began to run, their training methods, and race experiences.  We appreciate their preparation and participation!

If you have any ideas or recommendations on meeting speakers, please contact me at

Due to cold weather and an injury from a running fall, I have no races to report for February.  However March brought a couple of local races, the 5thh Annual Rutherford Shamrock 5K on March 12th and a small inaugural YC Fitness Run 5K at South Mountain Reservation on March 20th.  As reported in previous posts, there were several ERC members at the Shamrock.  The Shamrock provides a nice but hilly run through the streets of Rutherford.  The YC run was a great opportunity to run the old “figure 8” course at South Mountain Reservation.  If you see any races scheduled for the reservation, try to run them–it’s always a nice experience. The South Mountain Conservatory has done a great job restoring and fixing up the area.

See you in April!

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