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Five Mile Club / Ash Can Quest, #4, 4/30/16, (22/278)

Five Mile Club / Ash Can Quest, #4, 4/30/16, (22/278), by Paul Maloney

Congratulations to everyone who have been participating in various marathons and races.  Additional congratulations to the 2015 award winners honored at our Annual Awards Dinner this past month.  Special Congratulations to Former President Mark Frankel for the Larry Hollander Award.  Mark is a real “behind the scenes” force in our club responsible for a lot of the race reporting for our awards, one of the organizers of our marathon buses, and many other duties.  Mark, thank you for all you do!

If you’re on Facebook, you might be familiar with a site that former Sneaker Factory Owner Dean Shonts put up, “Old New Jersey Runners”.  Some Essex Members I’ve seen on some old race results posted include George McIntyre, Lenore and John Piccoli, and Gary Peters.  If you go on, be sure to give yourself a lot of time.  This state has a lot of N.J. Road Racing, Cross Country, and Track & Field History.  See the site at

My races this month were a real mixed bag with plenty of reminders.  On April 16th, the Building Tomorrows Annual 5K was a reminder that the exterior of Brookdale Park can be a bit hilly.  This was a well organized race with a good atmosphere.  On April 23rd, I participated in a “Fun Run” Mile at Hillside Avenue School, Cranford where I teach.  The excitement of younger kids running their first mile was a reminder to me how much one mile was for all of us at one time. Today (April 30th), I ran the Roseland Running 4 Answers 5K which was another hill reminder—this time the hills of Essex Fells.  I’m also reminded how nice Essex Fells is to train in.  This is another well organized race which has been going on for many years.  These were all good local training runs—all a lot of fun.

It’s hard to believe we’re getting closer and closer to the summer.  Start thinking about whether you want to host a run on a Wednesday or Thursday evening, starting in July.  Hosts normally provide a light dinner and plan a 3-6 mile course.  We also had great success last year with hosted running events such as a Watermelon Run at the West Orange Reservoir Park and a Pizza Run at Brookdale Park.  Start looking at your calendars—we’ll have details to sign up next month.

Do you have a person or an idea for our monthly meetings?  Please contact me at if you have any ideas.

Consider yourself….at home….one of the family….one of us….


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