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Summer Runs Continue: Rachel Crampsey and Beth Candela

Essex Running Club Summer Wednesday Night Runs/Events in July and August

Please note that this year, no run/events will be scheduled on Thursday evenings, only Wednesdays.  All runs/events will start at 7:00, not 7:30.  It’s always a great place to meet new members.  It was great that a lot of members ran the Westfield Pizza Extravaganza last week.  We have four more runs/events for the rest of the summer.  We hope you can come!  (Please note that Beth Candela and Tom & Martta Kelly switched dates.  The correct dates are below.)

Wednesday August 10th, Rachel Crampsey, Montclair Bread Company. – 16 Label St (Montclair). Pizza & Doughnuts – Meet at Montclair Bread Co’s production bakery – 16 Label St. – home of the Doughnut Run.  Make your own pizza & decorate your own doughnuts after the run.  I will provide PBR (that’s Pabst Blue Ribbon).  BYO if you’d like something classier!!!  Family friendly…you don’t need to get a sitter.

Wednesday August 17th, Beth Candela.  The theme is “Paleo Pool Party”! Vegan, nutrition related.  Swimming too!- I have a pool and a hot tub – so members can bring swimsuits and go swimming.

Wednesday August 24th, Martta and Tom Kelly.  Details to be announced.

Wednesday August 31st, Another Ice Cream Night, Applegate Farms.  Details to be announced.

Any questions?  Please contact Paul Maloney at 

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