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Interclub Challenge 2017 Results

After a one year hibernation (2016) due to weather problems the Interclub Challenge returned with a new location (Garrett Mountain Great Lawn) and Distance (4 Miles).

The usual clubs were represented; Clifton, Essex, North Jersey Masters, and the Geezers.

We had 95 finishers this year:
• Clifton: 44
• NJ Masters: 33
• Essex: 15
• Geezers: 3

Thanks again to all the volunteers who made this competition a smoothly running affair!

The final points tabulation for the 2017 Interclub Challenge is:

Interclub Competition: (1st 30 runners count – last place runner added if less than 30 runners, 10 points for club with most runners):
1. North Jersey Masters: 958 points (33 total runners)
2. Clifton: 1126 (1136-10) points (47 total runners – includes Geezers)
3. Essex: 2192 points (767+ (95×15) (15 total runners))

Top Female finishers:
Place Name Club Overall Clock Time Net-Time
1. Lisa Swain NJ Masters 1 59:23 30:27.2
2. Misa Tamuta Masters 3 59:40 27:29.8
3. Hortencia Aliaga Clifton 4 1:00:39 26:27.3

Top Male finishers:
1. Ezequiel Garcia Clifton 2 59:39 29:38.4
2. James Linn NJ Masters 6 1:01:06 28:15.3
3. Jack Frame NJ Masters 7 1:01:12 31:43.8

(Apologies to James & Jack for reversing their finishes at the awards. The photo back showed James out-sprinted Jack at the end!).

Oldest Finishers:
Female: Mary Murphy – (75) NJ Masters (9th Place!)
Male: Mike Machuca – (78) NJ Masters

Youngest finishers:
Female: Bridgette Taipe – (11) Clifton
Male: Jamie Manari – (12) Clifton

Complete individual results can be found at the links below:


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