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Concussion: The Insanity of it All – by Kimberly McGuire

Concussion: The Insanity of it All How a concussion taught me life lessons I never wanted to learn  By Kimberly McGuire February 20, 2014, about 9 PM. I’m driving on Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, NJ. I stop at a red light and BAM, someone rear-ends me at 30-40 MPH. I had whiplash – felt it more »

2013-2014 New Year’s Eve Ultra Run Report

There is an ancient saying, “Know thyself,” and, at least as a runner, I do. I am an ultra runner. I was able to again successfully test my strength at the final New Year’s Eve Ultra Run held in Morganton, NC. During the 24-hour event, I completed 101.55 miles, good for 6th overall and 4th more »

How to Get Instantly Faster Overnight — Guaranteed!!!

I know what many of you are thinking – it sounds too good to be true, but I have discovered a way to get dramatically faster in a single night – simply by going to sleep! That’s right. I got faster in a millisecond WHILE I SLEPT! How exactly did I achieve this magnificent metamorphosis? more »

Lyme Disease–The Curse of the Great Outdoors, by Martta Kelly

My day ended like every other day, with me standing in front of the bathroom mirror, brushing my teeth before bed. On this night, however, something was different.  After brushing my teeth, I smiled, and I noticed something was not quite right.  My smile was crooked, and try as I might, I could not straighten more »

I Am NOT a Sandbagger

It has come to my attention that some of you – I’m not naming names (because I’d have to list everyone in ERC) – believe I have a tendency to make excuses PRIOR to a race, only to EXCEED those expectations once the race is run. Let me just say – now and for the more »

The Injury Cycle

I recently sustained a knee injury and followed a predictable Kubler-Ross progression of emotions. I passed through denial, anger, bargaining and depression with relative ease, but, like the last few miles of a marathon, fell short of acceptance. Given how often I’m injured, you’d think I’d handle this better by now. I don’t. Here’s pretty more »

A Boston run – by Chip Bearden

The iconic CITGO sign appeared ahead. Was I dreaming? The rain had felt real enough before tapering off less than a mile into the run. That’s a good thing–I was wearing new shoes! There were few vehicles–or runners, for that matter–on Comm Ave. this gloomy Sunday morning. The familiar right onto Hereford & left on more »

Spring Hiatus – by Catherine Smith

Today marks one month since the last day I ran.  This year also marks 30 years since I began my career, a spritely, ponytailed sixth grader who thought she could sprint.  The first 27 were, blessedly, injury free; the past 3 have been, sadly, marred by pulls, bruises, strains.  After a month of trying to more »

Justifying Running to a Non-Running Spouse

My wife is not a runner. Consequently, there are many things she doesn’t quite understand about my commitment to something that seems to her so… how shall I put this nicely?… completely stupid, insane, difficult, painful, time-consuming, expensive, pointless and otherwise wholly unjustifiable. In her defense, she’s gotten a lot more supportive over the years. more »

Thoughts on Boston – Chip Bearden

That night, Josie texted me to say she’d gone to the Boston College library thinking homework might distract her. Tina called not long after and wanted to talk about seeing the video of the explosions with her Loyola running team at the end of that afternoon’s workout. One of her teammates had gone up to more »

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