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President’s Corner – Dec 2012

2012: They Year in Review                                          by Mark Frankel 2012 was a great year by any standard for the club. Membership ended the year a little bit under three hundred, which is close to an all-time high. It’s a sign that more and more people enjoy the Essex Running Club. There are even some long-time members more »

President’s Corner: Nov 2012

By Mark Frankel I’ve been a bit depressed lately: the FexEx box of my wife’s schwag from the London Paralympics arrived recently.  And, of course, she dutifully reviewed its contents with me.  All of its contents.  And the contents of this box was just of the schwag she couldn’t fit her suitcase.  The other stuff more »

President’s Corner – August 2012

I created a new 7.3-mile route by my workplace. It was meant as a substi-tute for my 8.2-mile route around Lake Tappan. I did it because I’m running a bit slower than I used to, and don’t always have time for 8.2 miles. There’s actually no way to shorten the 8.2-mile route unless, of course, more »

President’s Corner – May 2012

Spring is finally here, and that means I can start running with my Fuelbelt, which means I can start running my favorite route again instead of having to run by the police station so I can hydrate at their water fountain. During the warm months I find that I can run just about anywhere I more »

President’s Corner – March

My three-year old son discovered a new track and field event on TV: the Puddle Jump. It’s kind of like the opposite of the steeplechase.  Instead of trying to jump over puddles, you jump in them, and as in the long jump, athletes are scored based upon distance.  However, the distance in the Puddle Jump more »

President’s Corner: February 2012

By Mark Frankel I tried a new pre-run meal last week: sushi…… .. Ok, I didn’t plan it intentionally.  It just worked out that way.  I took the day off from work to drive my wife to a class.  I didn’t have time to do my usual morning run, so I decided I’d run in more »

President’s Corner: January 2012

By Mark Frankel I’ve become known at the company gym as “The Banana Man.”  I received this moniker because of my habit of downing a banana immediately after I finish a workout, before I even take a shower. Bananas, I explain, are the perfect sports bar.  Well, ok, not exactly perfect: they don’t have the more »

The Lay of the Land

By Mark Frankel One of the benefits of running a race numerous times is that you get to learn the lay of the land pretty well, like where all of the good bathrooms are.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the porta-potties that most races place near the start, but few things in life beat more »

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