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Interclub Challenge 2017 Results

Desmond57 : July 31, 2017 1:28 pm : At the Races, Featured, News, Race Recap, Race Results, Road Racing

After a one year hibernation (2016) due to weather problems the Interclub Challenge returned with a new location (Garrett Mountain Great Lawn) and Distance (4 Miles).

The usual clubs were represented; Clifton, Essex, North Jersey Masters, and the Geezers.

We had 95 finishers this year:
• Clifton: 44
• NJ Masters: 33
• Essex: 15
• Geezers: 3

Thanks again to all the volunteers who made this competition a smoothly running affair!

The final points tabulation for the 2017 Interclub Challenge is:

Interclub Competition: (1st 30 runners count – last place runner added if less than 30 runners, 10 points for club with most runners):
1. North Jersey Masters: 958 points (33 total runners)
2. Clifton: 1126 (1136-10) points (47 total runners – includes Geezers)
3. Essex: 2192 points (767+ (95×15) (15 total runners))

Top Female finishers:
Place Name Club Overall Clock Time Net-Time
1. Lisa Swain NJ Masters 1 59:23 30:27.2
2. Misa Tamuta Masters 3 59:40 27:29.8
3. Hortencia Aliaga Clifton 4 1:00:39 26:27.3

Top Male finishers:
1. Ezequiel Garcia Clifton 2 59:39 29:38.4
2. James Linn NJ Masters 6 1:01:06 28:15.3
3. Jack Frame NJ Masters 7 1:01:12 31:43.8

(Apologies to James & Jack for reversing their finishes at the awards. The photo back showed James out-sprinted Jack at the end!).

Oldest Finishers:
Female: Mary Murphy – (75) NJ Masters (9th Place!)
Male: Mike Machuca – (78) NJ Masters

Youngest finishers:
Female: Bridgette Taipe – (11) Clifton
Male: Jamie Manari – (12) Clifton

Complete individual results can be found at the links below:

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2015 Ashenfelter Results

Desmond57 : November 28, 2015 11:54 am : At the Races, News, Race Results, Road Racing

Great Job Everyone!

Net Times:
Henry Whipple   26:02
Paul Kartanocz   28:34
Paul Giuliano   28:45
Harold Porcher   29:29
Eric Zaltas   30:02
Larry Czaplewski   30:05
Jackson Bangs   30:08
Dan Smith   31:08
Jason Ben’ous   31:14
Glen Freyer   31:28
Jeff Burrowes   32:32
Ryen Lopresti   32:31
Charlie Slaughter   32:49
Adam Perry   32:53
Paul Pierotti   33:19
Stacey Slaughter   33:48
Loren McCreesh   34:19
Glenn Trimboli   34:18
Peter Hughes   34:23
Mark Frankel   34:31
Larry Miller   34:20
Mike Sneden   34:42
Laura Gelman   34:51
Jerry Velli   35:04
Phil Coffin   35:26
Elizabeth Candela   36:29
Jodi Zielinski   36:31
Allison Kimmich   37:14
Rachel Crampsey   37:24
Mike Kalthoff   37:55
Rebecca Harris   38:16
Jon Alaya   38:21
Gary Peters   38:32
Guido Weber   38:50
Stephen Sands   39:09
Mike Barry   38:58
Roselynn Bedoya   40:01
Brett Biller   40:09
Gregory Nuber   38:54
Dalva Santos   39:34
Don Manfria   40:10
Ella Moncur   40:01
Susan Giuliano   40:34
Sue Mello   40:45
Sharon Morrissey   41:02
Aubrey Blanda   41:18
Pia Lopresti   42:03
Dani Folja   42:22
Jacqueline Ogilve   41:55
Jerry McKenzie   42:23
Rosemary Williams   42:26
Gloria Averbuch   43:27
Stacy Marcus   43:02
Tom Kelly   44:06
John Maxwell   44:56
Paige Sato   44:18
Andy Fried   45:18
John Thornton   45:21
Martta Kelly   46:35
Hillary Walter   46:03
George McIntyre   48:32
Mellie Torres   48:14
Carl Sturcke   47:21
Ed Trieste   49:00
Rachel Rowe   49:07
Michael Czeizinger   52:24
George Studzinski   56:02
Ed Kelly   56:09
Eileen Percevault   55:06
Paul Maloney   55:47
Kim Russell   56:34
Joan Perzanowski   56:15
Valerie Kenny   57:43
Dave Benfield   57:45
Paula Fields 1:07:40
Sue Palermo 1:17:21
Laura Barry 1:17:21
Brian Innis 1:20:48
Henry Whipple 26:04.79
Paul Kartanowicz 28:36.42
Paul Giuliano 28:49.71
Eric Zaltas 30:04.96
Lawrence Czaplewski 30:09.78
Jackson Bangs 30:14.55
Stephen Sundown 30:39.02
Daniel Smith 31:08.24
Jason Ben'ous 31:31.14
Glen Freyer 31:33.16
Jeff Burrowes 32:46.90
Charlie Slaughter 32:53.08
Ryan Trimmer 32:58.66
Ryen Lopresti 32:59.36
Adam Perry 33:24.01
Paul Pierotti 33:48.91
Glenn Trimboli 34:27.60
Peter Hughes 34:32.07
Mark Frankel 34:47.82
Larry Miller 34:48.00
Michael Sneden 34:53.99
Gerald Velli 35:10.26
Phil Coffin 35:46.07
Jonathan Alaya 38:27.07
Gerhard Peters 38:44.79
Guido Weber 39:13.30
Michael Barry 39:32.28
Gregory Nuber 40:17.24
Donald Manfria 40:34.14
Jerry Mckenzie 43:40.85
Brett Biller 40:16.90
Tom Kelly 44:41.20
John Maxwell 45:06.40
Carl Sturcke 49:35.24
Edward Trieste 50:09.23
Edward Kelly 56:22.13
George Studzinski 56:11.10
Paul Maloney 57:50.33
Brian Innis 1:23:25.46
Stacey Slaughter 34:01.42
Loren Mccreesh 34:19.00
Laura Gelman 34:57.13
Elizabeth Candela 36:29.24
Jodi Zielinski 36:37.66
Allison Kimmich 37:25.91
Rebecca Harris 38:16.88
Dalva Santos 40:24.27
Ella Moncur 40:38.42
Susan Giuliano 40:57.14
Susan Mello 41:05.26
Sharon Morrissey 41:28.64
Aubrey Blanda 41:51.09
Pia Lopresti 42:27.88
Dani Folja 42:30.73
Jacqueline Ogilvie 43:03.84
Rosemary Williams 43:43.40
Stacy Marcus 44:26.57
Paige Sato 46:28.04
Martta Kelly 47:08.65
Hillary Walter 47:51.75
Rachel Rowe 50:32.59
Kim Russell 58:36.43
Paula Fields 1:09:15.97
Susan Palermo 1:19:55.89
Laura Barry 1:19:58.21

Disclaimer: I pulled this information from the teams that were declared. I know there were a lot of us out there running yesterday. Please comment with your time and I'll add you to the results.

A8K 2015 Group
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Interclub challenge 2015 Results

Desmond57 : August 15, 2015 3:50 pm : At the Races, News, Race Recap, Race Results, Road Racing


The 2015 Interclub Challenge was another great success at Veterans Memorial Park in Passaic. The usual clubs were represented; Clifton, Essex, North Jersey Masters, Do Run and the Geezers. In addition we had a couple individuals not associated with any club.

We had 121 finishers! Four more than last year he highest in a few years and probably the second highest on record (2011 we had 124 finishers). This event keeps growing every year:

This year we had just one trophy for best overall club and that honor went to North Jersey Masters for the 2nd year in a row.
Clifton had a excellent turnout with gained them a bonus 10 points for best participation.

Thanks again to all the volunteers who made this competition a smoothly running affair!

The final points tabulation for the 2015 Interclub Challenge is:

Interclub Competition (1st 30 runners count – last place runner added if less than 30 runners, 10 points for club with most runners):
1. North Jersey Masters: 1038 points (33 total runners)
2. Clifton: 1180 (1190-10) points (65 total runners)
3. Essex: 2517 points (1065+ 121×12) (18 total runners)
4. Do Run+Geezers+ Others: 3320 points (295+ 121×25) (5 runners).

Other Results:
Top Female finishers:
Place Clock Start Net-Time Name Bib# Club Handicap
1 35:04 15:42 19:22 Misa Tamura 380 NJ Masters 05:18.0
3 36:27 13:42 22:45 Debbie Brathwaite 362 NJ Masters 07:18.0
5 36:38 16:54 19:44 Hortencia Aliaga 382 Clifton 04:06.0
7 36:47 12:48 23:59 Nora Candelario 323 Clifton 08:12.0

Top Male Finishers:
Place Clock Start Net-Time Name Bib# Club Handicap
2 36:25 16:30 19:55 Charlie Slaughter 411 ERC 04:30.0
4 36:29 15:12 21:17 Roger Price 332 Do Run 05:48.0
6 36:40 17:18 19:22 Nick Paolazzi 356 NJ Masters 03:42.0
8 37:05 17:42 19:23 Joe Mecca 312 NJ Masters 03:18.0

Youngest Finishers: Lorenzo Tiankeo Age 6 & Beatrice Davis Age 14 (again!)
Oldest Finishers: Bill Welsh & Madeline Bost

Complete individual results can be found here (and below):


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Miles for Music 20k, March 22, 2015–Martta Kelly

ERC-Editor : April 1, 2015 1:21 pm : At the Races, Featured, News, Race Recap, Race Results, Road Racing

Tough headwinds combined with several hairpin turns made this a challenge.  Still, we prevailed!

Larry Czaplewski–1:21:22
Charlie Slaughter–1:29:51
Randy Miller–1:34:45
Gary Peters–1:44:51
Gerry Velli–1:50:05
Tom Kelly–2:07:21
Martta Kelly–2:09:12
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Washington DC Rock ‘N Roll Marathon & Half Marathon, March 15, 2015–Stephen Sundown

ERC-Editor : March 16, 2015 4:35 pm : At the Races, News, Race Recap, Race Results, Road Racing
After an epic winter and training through it, winter did not loosen its grip on us for this past Saturday DC Rock n Roll marathon. Instead, it gave us yet another hurdle to overcome. Freezing rain and wind from the beginning to the end of the 26.xx (most Gamines measured an at least an extra .25 miles), yet there were no DNF in this crowd.
Ellen was having an awesome race until mile 18 when hypothermia set in and almost brought her down, but she endured and finished @ 3:59:37.
I saw Glenn looking chipper around mile 19, but the head wind and rain took its toll. Glenn salvaged his race with at 3:22:15, it took all afternoon for him to get circulation back in his fingers and legs..
Sue also had a good race, in tough weather she endured and finished with 4:17:07.
Jane fought through and finished with a great time of 3:39:00, 4th in age group.
Mr. Giggs did the half marathon and looked comfortable as he always does on the course, a 1:22:04 and 2nd in age group. A nice training run for him as he prepares for Boston.
I’m guessing my tolerance was built up through this winter’s training and I was able to have a good race- enduring the rain and cold temps for a PR of 2:57:22-coming in 1st in my age group, 24th overall
Certainly gun shy about another winter training though..
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Ashenfelter Men’s Team Results–Mick Close

ERC-Editor : December 3, 2014 10:16 am : At the Races, Featured, News, Race Recap, Race Results, Road Racing

Just wanted to give a  shout out to our men’s teams for some excellent results at the Ashenfelter 8K against some stiff competition including a 3rd place finish by our 50’s team and a 2nd place finish by our 60’s team. Also a big thank you to our team captain, Michael Gorman, for all his efforts this year in organzing the teams with Laura Barry.

OPEN TEAM – 12TH – Average Pace 32:37 (Paul Kartanowicz, Jackson Bangs, Ryen Lopresti, Jonathan Alaya, Mark Frankel, Rob Allen, Brian Innis)

MASTERS 40+ A TEAM – 8TH – Average Pace 32:24 (Paul Giuliano, Larry Czaplewski, Michael Gorman, Charlie Slaughter, John Kriens, Mark Frankel, Rob Allen, Ed Trieste, Trpy Powell)

MASTERS 40+ B TEAM – 12TH – Average Pace 37:59 (Glenn Trimboli, Mike Sneden, Stephen Sands, John Harvey, Don Manfria, Ed Kelly)

MASTERS 50+ A TEAM – 3RD – Average Pace 32:01 (Paul Giuliano, Larry Czaplewski, Glenn Trimboli, Charlie Slaughter, Mike Sneded, Stephen Sands, John Harvey, Don Manfria)

MASTERS 50+ B TEAM – 9TH – Average Pace 37:17 (Richard Biebel, Phil Coffin, Gary Peters, Mick Close, Bill WIlde, John Thornton, George Swiatek)

MASTERS 60+ TEAM – 2ND – Average Pace 35:48 (Richard Biebel, Phil Coffin, Gary Peters, Mick Close, Bill WIlde, John Thornton, George Swiatek)

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Baltimore Running Festival, October 18, 2014–John Harvey

ERC-Editor : November 3, 2014 9:34 am : At the Races, Featured, News, Race Recap, Race Results

On October 18th 2014 I felt like I was coming of age in my running life. That was the day I completed my 18th marathon – billed as the Baltimore Running Festival. The first 11 I ran in Trinidad and Tobago, the rest in the USA. In 6 different states.
The race is described as “a fair yet challenging course which travels through the many diverse neighborhoods including the scenic Inner Harbor waterfront area, historic Federal Hill and charming Fells Point.  The loop around Lake Montebello will also remain giving runners flat terrain near mile 21” what is not mentioned is that the hill leading up to the lake is over a mile long starting around mile 19!
I left home at 2:20 am and drove down to Baltimore with my co-pilot Faye and a friend from my church. Arrived in good time at 5:15 am for the7am start.  Met up with my WET Warrior running buddy, and fellow ERC member, Randi Cohen who was doing the Half marathon with her daughter. Her son was also running his 2nd marathon. Thanks for collecting my bib Randi and saving me hotel expenses!
The day turned out to be perfect for runners and spectators.
I joined the best 4hr pace group ever (the pace leader took us on a virtual running tour of Baltimore) and was on target for my 2nd sub 4hr marathon – up until that hill I mentioned at mile 19! A pain in my left pirifomis kicked in and slowed my pace. I lost the pace group but managed to keep running. I walked through 2 water stops to ensure I was properly hydrated and was able to run the last 3 miles without issues.
Seeing Faye and my friend for the first time in the finishing chute was a huge boost.
I would highly recommend this race. It was very well organized, not too large (capped at 4000) and had a great after party.
My finish time was 4:19:28 – I’m happy with that.

Ps. The wording on the back of the medal made me say a lot less about the ‘hill’. See pics


USATF-NJ XC Championship 8K, October 26, 2014–Laura Barry

ERC-Editor : October 27, 2014 1:30 pm : At the Races, Featured, News, Race Results, Trail, Ultra, & XC Racing

Yesterday was the USATF-NJ XC Championship 8K. From my understanding this was the first year it was held at Natirar Park. Previously the course was a triple loop at Deer Path Park. As a cross country rookie I don’t know much about courses and how they should be. I enjoyed the flat double loop that we ran for the Morris County Striders series. Deer Path was more on the technical side (for me) then we got to Natirar. I read this great course write up ( a few hours before the race….maybe I shouldn’t have.

We got there and I wasn’t in the mood to race. But I was there dressed and registered so I figured I would start and finish and see what happened. Paul and I did a short 1 mile warm up which included 1 of the hills…which I was sure I was going to slip and fall on the gravel. Not feeling very confident I decided a 10 min pace was my goal. Knowing of 4 inclines I thought this was reasonable.

We gathered at the start all 6 of us wearing our Essex Red and wished each other good luck. The gun went off and every one sprinted towards the first turn. I usually stay back at these races in order not to get trampled. This time I said why not, I would rather people have to pass me then me figure out how to get around them in case it got narrow. The first mile included the hill we went up during warm up, I got up and recalled the write up from earlier…there is a worse one coming. I kept a good pace on the flats and down hills….then I saw it. I attempted to run up this steep section and decided my power walking was quicker. I got to the top and started running again. (I wasn’t alone in the walk the hill technique). I then headed back towards the first hill…only to be nearly trampled….the leaders were heading towards me around a curve as I was heading down. I made it down the hill and thought “crap I have to do that section again”. Dad was at the bottom cheering me on and telling me to keep a steady pace. I was about 30 seconds off of the pace I wanted to be…so I decided to make some of it up inthe middle section. Only to get right back to that hill again. While I was heading up Paul, Randy, Charlie, and Phil were heading down. I was tired and my form was bad. Phil yelled at me to use my arms as he passed. That little reminder was what I needed. I passed Rob heading out of the trail as I started around. I kept my form up and made my way around that section and started back down the hill. Randy was on the hill and yelled at me to get another women and pass her.

Down the hill and across the field…I could do this and at the pace I wanted to. Rob and Paul were 1/4 mile from the finish yelling and cheering. The field was not flat and had lots of divots, that made it difficult for me to really kick it in. I did my best. I didn’t catch the women but came close!

Since it was my first XC 8k I’m going to say it was a PR.

Next stop XC Nationals in December!

Paul Pierotti 34:53
Randy Miller 35:21
Charlie Slaughter 35:54
Phil Coffin 36:35
Robert Allen 38:12
Laura Barry 48:37
Nina Miller 52:07

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John Samra 5k, October 12, 2014–John Maxwell

ERC-Editor : October 23, 2014 11:42 am : At the Races, News, Race Recap, Race Results, Road Racing

43:40.23, 14:04pace, 202/311. Took it easy today, was going to walk all the way, placing myself near the tail end of starters. I caught up with a friend who was also walking and we ended up jogging part of the way, and I did sprint at the end. My plantar fasciitis is getting better. The hardest part of doing a 5K race is holding myself back and NOT running. It’s not easy for me to be in the back of the pack instead of towards the front. Patience, patience and patience…………….

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Fall 2014 Race Results–Mick Close

ERC-Editor : October 23, 2014 11:39 am : At the Races, Featured, News, Race Recap, Race Results, Road Racing


10:16:39 Aileen O’Rourke


5:47:26 Aubrey Blanda


3:46:41 Ryen Lopresti
3:46:42 Pia Lopresti
4:31:39 Barbara Zirl


2:25:16  Paige Sato


3:04:54 Tom Eaton (PR)
3:28:33 Jon Alaya (PR)
3:34:37 Laura Gelman (PR)
3:44:42 Adam Perry (PR)
3:55:00 Amanda Ryan
4:26:11 Roselynn Bedoya
4:31:01 Samantha Spitaletta
5:24:44 Robbin Jordan


3:10:46 Glenn Trimboli
3:29:18 Ed Gold
3:51:39 John Fabbro
3:58:30 Kate Shumeyko
4:11:51 Sue Fasciano
4:11:52 Ellen Kim
4:24:46 Jay Kohli


3:24:17 Jodi Zielinski (PR, 3rd AG)
3:44:14 Mick Close
3:58:52 Jacqueline Ogilvie
5:26:46 Lou Imhof


2:23:11 John Kriens
2:52:10 Nancy Katz
3:08:01 Brian Innis
3:13:47 Martta Kelly

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