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Running Free at Leatherman’s Loop

Recap of Leatherman’s Loop 10K Trail Race, Cross River, NY, April 21, 2013 Photos by David Finck & Loop photographers. Click images for larger views. The Leatherman’s Loop is an experience that each year reconnects runners with one another and Mother Earth. It leaves me rejuvenated, whole again. It’s a homecoming, a celebration of spring, more »

My First Running of the Boston Marathon: A Psychologist’s Reflection

By Kimberly McGuire The morning of April 15, 2013 starts off quietly as I prepare my runner’s drop bag, gels, etc. I find my way to Boston Commons and wait on line 45 minutes to take a one-hour bus ride to Hopkinton, where the internationally renowned marathon starts. I hang out, rest, prepare, take photos, more »

President’s Corner, by Paul Maloney, ERC President

     Last Monday when learning about the tragedies at Boston, my thoughts of course were with club members and other fellow runners who were participants or spectators.  Early on during Monday evening, all of us in the ERC were assured when hearing about the safety of those we knew from FB, Yahoo, and other means.  more »

Thoughts on Boston – Chip Bearden

That night, Josie texted me to say she’d gone to the Boston College library thinking homework might distract her. Tina called not long after and wanted to talk about seeing the video of the explosions with her Loyola running team at the end of that afternoon’s workout. One of her teammates had gone up to more »

Boston 2013 Race Report: Life is Strange – Aubrey Blanda

This is the strangest race report I’ve ever written. I’m not even sure how to do it, so think of it as a series of loosely related short stories that may or may not have to do with the Boston Marathon. Prologue: I started training for Boston in December, following a modified 18 week Pfitz more »

A few words spoken before the Boston Sympathy run by Ann de Jong, RN, PhD

When I heard that there were 15 or so runners from Montclair area at the Marathon in Boston I wanted to offer something from what I know about trauma. Even if you were not directly hurt by the bombings you have had the rug pulled out in a brutal way on what should have been more »

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