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Run the Reservoir Half Marathon, Sept. 1, 2013–by Mick Close

The club was well represented at the Run the Reservoir Half Marathon in Bergen county this morning with 4 age group winners. It was very warm and humid at the start followed by heavy rain, thunder and lightning for much of the race.1:24:48 Harold Porcher (6th overall, 1st in age) 1:29:59 Glen Freyer (1st in more »

Montclair 10k, June 2, 2013

Below are some of the club members who finished the 10K in Montclair this morning under hot, sunny skies. Some of our kids also did us proud in the 2 miler with Grant Van Inwegen finishing 1st overall (11:42), Fred King 3rd overall (11:58) and Ashby Sundown 4th overall female (14:09). Sorry to anyone I more »

Running Free at Leatherman’s Loop

Recap of Leatherman’s Loop 10K Trail Race, Cross River, NY, April 21, 2013 Photos by David Finck & Loop photographers. Click images for larger views. The Leatherman’s Loop is an experience that each year reconnects runners with one another and Mother Earth. It leaves me rejuvenated, whole again. It’s a homecoming, a celebration of spring, more »

My First Running of the Boston Marathon: A Psychologist’s Reflection

By Kimberly McGuire The morning of April 15, 2013 starts off quietly as I prepare my runner’s drop bag, gels, etc. I find my way to Boston Commons and wait on line 45 minutes to take a one-hour bus ride to Hopkinton, where the internationally renowned marathon starts. I hang out, rest, prepare, take photos, more »

Umstead 100M Race Report–Mike Skara

The mix of tradition, big elevation gain, close proximity to a good friend, newly implemented technologies, and of course the distance made the Umstead 100 a very attractive event for me. While the knee injury I sustained two weeks before this 100-mile race gave me a lot about which to worry, I conquered the race more »

Cherry Blossom 10K

As I woke up on Sunday morning, it seemed that the westher for this year’s race was averaging out with the weather from last year’s race to produce some pretty fine weather conditions: it was incredibly hot at last year’s race, so at this year it was cold and blustery. Luckily, the sun came out more »

Sneaker Factory 10K–March 17, 2013, by Martta Kelly

Another cold, dreary race day (temps low 30s, overcast) but it was good to see some other ERC peeps out there in South Mountain Reservation. For those of you who haven’t done this course, it’s a nice mix of rolling hills in a wooded setting. A great workout to get you ready for race season. more »

New York City Half–March 17, 2013 by Andi Robik

Yesterday was my 5th running of the NYC Half Marathon, and my best time for a half ever!  The start was cold but the sun finally came out, and after the first 2 miles I could feel my feet again. LOL.  I had mistakenly left my Garmin in my race bag that I checked to more »

Febapple Frozen Fifty at South Mountain Reservation

Recap of Febapple Frozen Fifty trail races (10M, 20M, 50K), South Mountain Reservation, Maplewood, NJ, February 23, 2013 10M: Rob Gerin … 1:44:34 … 17/94 20M: Laura Gelman … 3:28:29 … 21/65 & 2nd woman!* 20M: Ryen LoPresti … 3:29:49 … 25/65 20M: Pia LoPresti … 4:09:01 … 34/65 50K: Chris Jaworski … 6:53:42 … more »

NYC Half Marathon–January 27, 2013

ERC had a HUGE showing at the NYC Half Marathon.  Here are some finishing times! Paul Kartanowicz (PR) … 1:20:01 Paul Giuliano (1st AG) … 1:22:11 Glenn Trimboli (1st AG) … 1:27:01 Glen Freyer (PR) … 1:28:17 Martin Gonzalez (PR) … 1:35:11 Larry Miller … 1:36:33 Laura Gelma … 1:40:10 Frank Pane … 1:41:55 Jane more »

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