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Pocono Marathon–May 17, 2015 by Mike Skara

Unpleasant. That is the best way to describe the Pocono Marathon this year. I did my job, hitting the line at 4:19:07, but I was accompanied only by my 4:20 pace sign. The weather was the biggest culprit, as the temps topped 80 degrees and a reported 65% humidity. The lack of shade on the more »

Hartford Marathon, October 11, 2014–Pia LoPresti

It all started on a cold, humid, rainy day in Hartford, CT. Ryen and I lined up for our 12th marathon, clad in throwaway rain gear and not really knowing what to expect after a not-so-smooth training season. But we figured, why not go for our goal paces and just see what happens…How bad can more »

Teterboro 5K (or was it?), July 19, 2014–Martta Kelly

Cross the 2.99-mile race off my bucket list!  Yes, that is what we ran today at Teterboro, billed as a 5K but as anyone with a Garmin agreed, fell short.  Oh well, the excitement was short-lived as those of us without running watches approached the finish line and viewed our “best time of the season” more »

Don’s Belated Birthday Pizza Mile

So tonight at the brand new refurbished track at Brookdale Park we held the 1st annual pizza mile. I can safely say this was the only race in the last 100 years where every competitor had a PR.The rules of the race were simple eat a slice of pizza run a lap repeat 3 more more »

Woodbridge Run for Pizza 4 Miler, July 9, 2014–Martta Kelly

Holy soup, Batman! That’s what it felt like running 4 miles through the streets of Woodbridge last night for the annual pizza run (not to be confused with the Westfield Pizza 5K, which is later this month and has better pizza!) Despite the humidity, all three of us (me, Tom, and Gerry Velli) medaled. A more »

Montclair 10K and 2M, June 1, 2014–Mick Close

Fun time at the 32nd annual Montclair Run on Sunday. Perfect weather this year and so many club members cheering, volunteering and running. Hard to believe this was my 30th time running the 10K! These were some of the highlights. > Over 500 finishers in both the 2 mile race and the 10K! (The 2 mile race has more »

Ridgewood Run, May 26, 2014–Mark Frankel

This year’s Ridgewood Run was hot and steamy as usual, although slightly less hot and steamy than normal.  It was my first race since my disasterous marathon.  I haven’t done anything fast since then, so it was interesting to see what I could do. I had two objectives going into this race: 1 – Not more »

Spring Lake 5, May 24, 2014–Don Manfria

This just might be my favorite short distance race, from the number of participants (this year there were close to 12,000) to the after race goodies. The Spring Lake 5 was race #2 in my 4 race test to see how my knee responds. I saw a number of Essex runners this past Saturday running: more »

Vermont City Marathon, May 25, 2014–Pia LoPresti

Greetings from the Vermont City Marathon!!! It was a beautiful, warm race in the rolling hills of VT! Amazing crowds and an even more amazing group of friends! Big shout out to Brett Biller for cheering us on!! We truly showed VT how NJ rolls: Jackson Bangs 3:09:50 (1st marathon and PR) Pia LoPresti 3:28:31 more »

Run-a-palooza, April 26, 2014–Paige Sato

I was a Manfria for the day–participating in the annual Run-a-palooza with the inestimable and wicked fun Manfria clan.  Leg 1 (6.1m): Paige, Leg 2 (6.1m): Don, Leg 3 (4.7m): Jam (a friend of Alex–Don’s soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Leg 4 (5.2m): Alex, and Leg 5 (3.7m): Carol.  Total finish time: 4:12:47 (9:40 pace)!  We placed 144 more »

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