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At the Races

2012 Escarpment Trail Run

Several club members were among the 200+ runners in this 30K trail run through the Catskills yesterday. It’s a very rugged trail climbing several mountains over 3,500 feet with a total elevation change of almost 10,000 feet. It was another epic year as heavy rain created lots of puddles, mud and slippery rocks. I was very happy to finish under 6 hours, very muddy but no bad falls or blood this time!

Mick Close

Scott Trimboli … 4:44:54
Glenn Trimboli … 4:56:05
Stephen Sundown … 4:56:06
Ron Aponte … 5:12:42
Mick Close … 5:48:49

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Check your MEMBERSHIP status: Click image below

NYC Marathon Bus

NYC Marathon Bus

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