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New York City Half–March 17, 2013 by Andi Robik

Yesterday was my 5th running of the NYC Half Marathon, and my best time for a half ever!  The start was cold but the sun finally came out, and after the first 2 miles I could feel my feet again. LOL.  I had mistakenly left my Garmin in my race bag that I checked to meet me at the finish, so I ran without knowing how fast I was going.  I could sort of gage by the clocks at each mile, but I could not do the math in my head.  It wasn’t until I reached mile 11 that I realized I had a shot of breaking my old PR (1:53:07), so I told myself to really go for it!  I finished at 1:51:42!

The course was fun as usual, with the rolling hills in the park followed by an exhilarating run down 7th ave and a turn on 42nd st, then a straight shot down to the South St Seaport.  There were plenty of spectators and music along the way.  The only thing I didn’t love was the tunnel we had to run through between mile 12 and 13.  Long and dark!  Then a quick uphill to the finish.
Then since it was St. Patricks Day, I finished my NYC morning with many beers at a bar in Chelsea with friends. A day to remember!!
Results: Name – Time – Age Grading%
Martin Gonzalez 1:33:26 71.06%
jane whipple 1:39:56 72.09%
Michael Magee 1:49:51 62.55%
Andi Robik   1:51:42

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