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President’s Corner: Update on $2620 Fund, the 30th Anniversary, and a “Mini Survey”

President’s Corner:  Update on $2620 Fund, the 30th Anniversary,

and a “Mini-Survey”.

by Paul Maloney, ERC President

It’s Been a Great Fall!

We’re going to take a break from our “Spotlights” this month.  I want to once again thank Bev Salerno, Justine Krell, Elsa Slater, Samantha Spitaletta, and Glen Freyer for the October contributions.  All five runners have been very busy with their training and races.  It’s such a pleasure and honor to read about all of our member accomplishments with races and marathons.  Be sure to join us at our November 5th meeting to hear the accounts of all member racing accomplishments!  (See more about the meeting in our newsletter and website!)

The Essex Running Club Sends $2620 to “One Fund Boston”!

You may remember that we have been collecting money for the “One Fund Boston” for those who have been affected by last April’s tragedy at the Boston Marathon.  I’m proud to say that with combined contributions from our members at events and our own club’s funds, we reached our mark of $2620.  Contributions are still being accepted for “One Fund Boston”.  See the link at for additional contribution information.

The 30th Anniversary Party is coming on December 1st!

Lynne Mortimer and her Anniversary Committee have been working hard to put together a night of dinner, dancing, and anniversary fun.   Slide shows, displays, memorabilia, and seeing old friends are just part of the fun.  Special attraction:  Presentations from members from a wide variety of running experiences during our three decades.  See and hear great speakers from Team Bacon, the West Essex Trail Runners, Grovers, Fleet Feeters, and many others.  There’s something for everyone!  See more information in the newsletter and website.

How are we doing?

In the words of the late NYC Mayor Ed Koch, “How are (we) doing?”.  We’re making plans for next year and would like to hear what is on your mind.  If you have a chance, drop me a line at with ideas on the following:

  1.  Which club activities do you like the most?
  2. What club activities would you like to see take place?
  3. What suggestions do you have the club?

We’ll take your comments and ideas and discuss them at the November Board Meeting.  I’ll get back to you personally!

“Consider yourself at home…one of the family…one of us!”

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