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Passaic Valley Rotary 5k, November 30, 2014–Martta Kelly

Had a nice turnout from Essex today at the Passaic Valley Rotary 5K.

Tom and I have been doing this small town race for about 5 years now and it’s a fun one.  It usually gets around 200 people, including some top runners, such as Youssef Rochdi, this year’s winner (16:51), who also won this year’s Ashenfelter 8K.
Mile 2 is a bit challenging as most of it is an uphill climb, but then it’s a fast descent to the finish.
Here are the results:
Dan Smith–19:28–7th OA, 1st AG
Catherine Smith–20:16–3rd OA female
Jeff Burrowes-20:19 3rd AG
Guido Weber–23:02
Mick Close–23:40-2nd AG
Helene Swank–25:55
Rosemary Williams–26:12
Tom Kelly–27:35–2nd AG
Martta Kelly–28:07–3rd AG
Ed Trieste–28:18
John Maxwell–30:58
Cat Close–44:46
Shop Rite provided delicious post-race turkey wraps.
1st and 2nd place winners got gift certificates.  There was also a raffle afterwards and many of us went with prizes, including moi, who selected an “environmentlaly friendly” roasting pan!

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