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Interclub Challenge 2017 Results

Desmond57 : July 31, 2017 1:28 pm : At the Races, Featured, News, Race Recap, Race Results, Road Racing

After a one year hibernation (2016) due to weather problems the Interclub Challenge returned with a new location (Garrett Mountain Great Lawn) and Distance (4 Miles).

The usual clubs were represented; Clifton, Essex, North Jersey Masters, and the Geezers.

We had 95 finishers this year:
• Clifton: 44
• NJ Masters: 33
• Essex: 15
• Geezers: 3

Thanks again to all the volunteers who made this competition a smoothly running affair!

The final points tabulation for the 2017 Interclub Challenge is:

Interclub Competition: (1st 30 runners count – last place runner added if less than 30 runners, 10 points for club with most runners):
1. North Jersey Masters: 958 points (33 total runners)
2. Clifton: 1126 (1136-10) points (47 total runners – includes Geezers)
3. Essex: 2192 points (767+ (95×15) (15 total runners))

Top Female finishers:
Place Name Club Overall Clock Time Net-Time
1. Lisa Swain NJ Masters 1 59:23 30:27.2
2. Misa Tamuta Masters 3 59:40 27:29.8
3. Hortencia Aliaga Clifton 4 1:00:39 26:27.3

Top Male finishers:
1. Ezequiel Garcia Clifton 2 59:39 29:38.4
2. James Linn NJ Masters 6 1:01:06 28:15.3
3. Jack Frame NJ Masters 7 1:01:12 31:43.8

(Apologies to James & Jack for reversing their finishes at the awards. The photo back showed James out-sprinted Jack at the end!).

Oldest Finishers:
Female: Mary Murphy – (75) NJ Masters (9th Place!)
Male: Mike Machuca – (78) NJ Masters

Youngest finishers:
Female: Bridgette Taipe – (11) Clifton
Male: Jamie Manari – (12) Clifton

Complete individual results can be found at the links below:

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Interclub challenge 2015 Results

Desmond57 : August 15, 2015 3:50 pm : At the Races, News, Race Recap, Race Results, Road Racing


The 2015 Interclub Challenge was another great success at Veterans Memorial Park in Passaic. The usual clubs were represented; Clifton, Essex, North Jersey Masters, Do Run and the Geezers. In addition we had a couple individuals not associated with any club.

We had 121 finishers! Four more than last year he highest in a few years and probably the second highest on record (2011 we had 124 finishers). This event keeps growing every year:

This year we had just one trophy for best overall club and that honor went to North Jersey Masters for the 2nd year in a row.
Clifton had a excellent turnout with gained them a bonus 10 points for best participation.

Thanks again to all the volunteers who made this competition a smoothly running affair!

The final points tabulation for the 2015 Interclub Challenge is:

Interclub Competition (1st 30 runners count – last place runner added if less than 30 runners, 10 points for club with most runners):
1. North Jersey Masters: 1038 points (33 total runners)
2. Clifton: 1180 (1190-10) points (65 total runners)
3. Essex: 2517 points (1065+ 121×12) (18 total runners)
4. Do Run+Geezers+ Others: 3320 points (295+ 121×25) (5 runners).

Other Results:
Top Female finishers:
Place Clock Start Net-Time Name Bib# Club Handicap
1 35:04 15:42 19:22 Misa Tamura 380 NJ Masters 05:18.0
3 36:27 13:42 22:45 Debbie Brathwaite 362 NJ Masters 07:18.0
5 36:38 16:54 19:44 Hortencia Aliaga 382 Clifton 04:06.0
7 36:47 12:48 23:59 Nora Candelario 323 Clifton 08:12.0

Top Male Finishers:
Place Clock Start Net-Time Name Bib# Club Handicap
2 36:25 16:30 19:55 Charlie Slaughter 411 ERC 04:30.0
4 36:29 15:12 21:17 Roger Price 332 Do Run 05:48.0
6 36:40 17:18 19:22 Nick Paolazzi 356 NJ Masters 03:42.0
8 37:05 17:42 19:23 Joe Mecca 312 NJ Masters 03:18.0

Youngest Finishers: Lorenzo Tiankeo Age 6 & Beatrice Davis Age 14 (again!)
Oldest Finishers: Bill Welsh & Madeline Bost

Complete individual results can be found here (and below):


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Spring Lake 5 Mile–May 24, 2015, by Laura Barry Pierotti

ERC-Editor : May 26, 2015 3:49 pm : At the Races, Featured, News, Race Recap, Road Racing

Spring Lake 5 Results

Michael Gorman 31:09

Gerry Velli 36:08

Aileen O’rourke 38:16
Amanda Ryan 38:23
Don Manfria 39:46
Samantha Spitaletta 45:35
Roselynn Bedoya 45:36
Laura Barry 45:36 (PR)
Gina Imperato 47:57
Tracy Keller 47:57
Edward Kelly 54:27
Raymond Murphy 59:49

Paul Maloney 1:00:04
Carolann Manfria 1:03:37

Once again I’m sure I missed someone please feel free to let me know and I’ll add you to the list!

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Pocono Marathon–May 17, 2015 by Mike Skara

ERC-Editor : May 26, 2015 3:27 pm : At the Races, Featured, News, Race Recap, Road Racing

Unpleasant. That is the best way to describe the Pocono Marathon this year. I did my job, hitting the line at 4:19:07, but I was accompanied only by my 4:20 pace sign.

The weather was the biggest culprit, as the temps topped 80 degrees and a reported 65% humidity. The lack of shade on the course hurt as well, though I knew that going in, as I’ve paced this event three times now.

The volunteers at the aid stations were very enthusiastic and always in good spirits, but they only had liquids. The RD did publish this & I brought nutrition, but I think some runners ran out of resources.

I had a decent group through almost 17 miles. I was recognized by some runners for whom I paced in the past. The early highlight was the eight of us belting out “Sweet Caroline” on a down hill. Unfortunately, the heat took its toll and I was down to one runner by 18. She hung in until 20.

That’s the hardest part of pacing, knowing you’re about to be alone. I wanted to give Shannon from Queens some of my strength, but alas I was bound to keep my pace. It was unpleasant leaving her.

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Sugarloaf Mountain Marathon recap–May 17, 2015, by Adam Perry

ERC-Editor : May 26, 2015 3:22 pm : At the Races, Featured, News, Race Recap, Road Racing

Sugarloaf Marathon Recap

“Come to Maine,” they said. “We’re running the Sugarloaf Marathon, you should come too,” they said. Well it didn’t take much for Pia and Ryen to slowly gather a group of 14 other crazy runners spanning 2 NJ running clubs and 2 states. And off to beautiful Carrabassett Valley, Maine we went!

We knew the Sugarloaf Marathon was going to be one of (if not, the) smallest marathon that most of us had ever run. Instead of a “marathon expo” there was simply “bib pickup.” There was a very nice pasta dinner the night before the race including speaker Gary Allen ( who, among his many other accomplishments, has run Sugarloaf over 30 times. In addition to regaling us with a story of how he created a bionic hamstring for himself using only duct tape and bungee cords during his run from Maine to Washington DC, he also gave those in attendance a great mile-by-mile preview of the race course with advice on how we could tackle each segment on our way to a PR or a BQ. For those who aren’t familiar with it, the Sugarloaf Marathon is supposed to be one of the top 25 fastest marathons in the country featuring a 16-mile downhill stretch to end the race (…).

Fast forward to Sunday morning and all that talk of PRs and BQs would be thrown out the window. Despite erratic weather forecasts for the week or so leading up to the race, we woke up on Sunday morning to temps in the 50s that would continue to climb throughout the race, peaking in the high 70s/low 80s with full (but beautiful) sunshine right in our faces for about 3/4 of this straight, point-to-point race.

Despite the crazy temps, dehydration, cramping and crushed hopes of PRs and BQs, I can confidently say everyone had an AWESOME time at this marathon! Even though it was such a small field (fewer than 1,000) at no point did any of us feel alone on the course. All of the volunteers and fellow marathoners were incredibly friendly and it was a true feeling of “misery loves company” out on that course. Everyone was in pain and we all knew it and pushed each other (whether friend or stranger) to the finish.

I’m sure everyone who was there can give you his/her own recap of the race indicating precisely where the wheels began to came off (for me it was about mile 17), so I’ll leave that up to them the next ERC meeting or social gathering.

This trip was a true testament to ERC being NJ’s “friendliest running club.” In addition to many ERC members, we also had a few familiar “friends of ERC,” a member of Garden State Track Club and a new friend from Missouri that none of us had even met before. Everyone left Maine with some new friends, great memories, and another state checked off the list.

Ryen Lopresti – 3:27:06
Pia Lopresti – 3:36:05
Jon Alaya – 3:36:13
Adam Perry – 3:47:40
MaryRose DiBiano – 4:10:16 (The sole PR of the group!)
Amanda Ryan – 4:20:54
Roselynn Horway – 4:31:34
Samantha Spitaletta – 4:38:28
Annie Miller – 5:06:49
Timothy Panebianco – 5:06:48
Sarah Ford – 5:06:50
Brian Innis – 5:53:39

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Caldwell-West Caldwell Board of Education 5k–May 16, 2015, by Martta Kelly

ERC-Editor : May 16, 2015 3:30 pm : At the Races, Featured, News, Race Recap, Road Racing

Normally I don’t run back to back races (two races in one weekend) but I had to make an exception for the Caldwell-West Caldwell Board of Education 5K today as that was my high school. We had a few Essex peeps there today and I believe we all medaled in our respective age groups. Times not posted online yet but we had Larry Czaplewski, Phil Coffin, Joe Cozzi and Yours Truly, all getting 1st place AG medals. Larry also came in 2nd OA. Tough course! Most of the 1st mile is uphill on Westville Avenue. Then you turn into Grover Cleveland Park and then back out on Brookside Avenue for yet another hill. Home sweet home, however, is all downhill, back on Westville. Good workout and fun revisiting my school. Tom cheered me on today and he is saving his energy for Run for Rachel tomorrow. John Piccoli, George McIntyre, and George Swiatek were also there to cheer us on.

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Brooklyn Half Marathon–May 16, 2014–by Malecia Walker

ERC-Editor : May 16, 2015 3:26 pm : At the Races, Featured, News, Race Recap, Road Racing

Ran my first half yesterday since having my baby in 2013. Brooklyn Half in 2:12:43. It was my slowest, but I’ll take it because training was hard to fit in with the baby! Training was what I’d call “bootleg.” LOL I also turned my ankle on Wednesday on my last run (got overzealous on Ridgewood Avenue). I wrapped and iced for two days. Almost didn’t run because I was in so much pain on Wednesday night that I couldn’t sleep. Woke up Saturday at 4 a.m. with no pain and went to the race. Taking a breather now to strengthen the ankle. Shout out to KT tape, compression calf sleeves and Oofos sandals.

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Cure for IBD & Crohn’s Disease 5k–May 3, 2015 by Aubrey Blanda

ERC-Editor : May 3, 2015 3:34 pm : At the Races, Featured, News, Race Recap, Road Racing
I ran the Cure for IBD & Crohn’s Disease 5K in Basking Ridge this morning, and discovered what is apparently one of the best kept secrets around. The race was very well organized, with easy packet pick-up at the start. Plenty of water, breakfast bars, and bananas at the post race table. Very convenient indoor bathrooms. The course consisted of 2.5 loops of a flat, fast, mostly shady, asphalt path in a large park. The weather was perfect, sunny but not yet hot at the 9:30 start. Though very small (71 finishers), both runners and spectators were very enthusiastic. Timing was by Compuscore. I was very happy with my time of 26:15, especially for my first 5K in 2 years, and having focused on ultras for a while, and I was happy when I saw that I was first in my new age group (50-54). But I was shocked when the RD called my name for second place overall female. I asked him to check the results to be sure that wasn’t a mistake, and it wasn’t. I was so far behind first female it was ridiculous, and it made me wonder where all the women were! I usually run larger races, and so almost never get hardware, but it’s always nice to be reminded that showing up is half the battle. This race is a keeper and I hope to see some ERC peeps out there next year! 
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Boston Marathon–April 20, 2015, by Pia LoPresti

ERC-Editor : April 26, 2015 3:37 pm : At the Races, Featured, News, Race Recap, Road Racing

Jersey Strong Meets Boston Strong
“Your greatest run ever” was the moto for the 2015 Boston Marathon. From the day I was able to register for the race back in September, to the acceptance e-mail and snail mail that I was an official participant, to all the B.A.A. updates leading up to the big weekend, and not to mention the months of brutal training in what was a pretty harsh winter (‪#‎weatherproof‬), the excitement of having chased down the unicorn was everything I was hoping it would live up to be!
After recovering from that seemingly unavoidable taper cold and obsessing about Marathon Monday weather, my family and I finally arrived in Boston the Saturday before the race. If I could capture the essence of Boston during marathon weekend, it’s this: I’ve never felt so appreciated and loved as a runner! The city opened its arms to the swarms of Boston marathon repeaters and first timers and their loving, adoring fans who’ve traveled with them and supported them throughout their journey to this mecca of marathons.
When Marathon Monday finally arrived, I had thrown away all my worries about the rain and the pesky headwind. It was the calmest and least nervous I’ve been before embarking on 26.2 miles. I had earned and fought my way to Boston and I was simply enjoying and taking it all in. I met so many wonderful (not to mention FAST) runners during the bus ride and at the starting village in Hopkinton. Everyone was so generous and helpful as we tried to stay warm before the start. I offered my second pair of throw away gloves to a 7-time Boston marathon and he was soooo excited and thankful. Good karma was certainly in the air that day!
When Wave 2 Corral 8 was finally called, I could feel the adrenaline starting to build and before I knew it, I crossed the starting line half in tears and with the biggest smile on my face! I hardly noticed the rain for the first 6 miles because I couldn’t wait to see Ryen, my family, and friends in Framingham. Their high-fives and cheers fueled my 7:30 pace. By the time I hit Wellesley, I was starting to struggle a little as the rain and wind kept on. But the throngs of screaming girls certainly lifted my spirits and left me with a ringing right ear! I also knew my support crew was coming up and what could be better than a kiss from Ryen to push me through the halfway mark and towards the Newton hills. If you know Ryen and I, you know that we LOVE hills, but that day, the wind was relentless and those Newton hills took a little toll on my pace which was down to an 8:15 min/mile. But onwards I went with the help of some friends who spotted me shuffling up Heartbreak. The next 6 miles were the toughest miles I’ve ever run! I managed to salvage my pace and while my A goal was no longer in sight, a PR and BQ were still within reach. But each of those final miles lined with cheering spectators was a struggle, mentally and physically. And while those miles may not have been my fastest, they were certainly one of my finest as I was giving everything I had left in me. I was running for my family and friends and each of those miles was dedicated to them. The right on Hereford and left on Boylston was simply incredible! And as I crossed the finish line, I knew I had that PR and BQ, 3:28:08! While it certainly is not my last marathon (or Boston…woohoo!), that day was my greatest run ever!‪#‎bostonmarathon‬

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West Point Half Marathon, March 22, 2015–Don Manfria

ERC-Editor : April 1, 2015 1:26 pm : At the Races, Featured, News, Race Recap, Road Racing

West Point 1/2 marathon recap:
This morning I had the pleasure of running The West Point 1/2 Marathon, it has been going on for 5 years but this is the 1st time it was open to civilians. MonaAnnie and I drove up together, and there was a strong ERC presence there, RoselynnJoePaulaRaymondLisa there were probably more of us there that I missed.

About the Race ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW. This course was beautiful and inspiring at the same time. There were some very challenging hills. The 1st 2 miles there was some nice down hills runs and then it flattened out till about 4. 5 miles in then, the climbs began and they were big climbs. There was another nice sized hill at around mile 6.5 .Then from mile 8.5 to 9 was another steep hill, and it was cruel joke because at that point everyone thought the hills were done, even from miles 9.5 to mile 10 there was a nice little drop ( same as the 1st mile of the course) but at mile 10.5 to 11.5 we climbed again . As hard as the coarse was I thoroughly enjoyed it, I almost certainly will run it again. But what really got me were the mile markers, each one was dedicated to a fallen soldier with their picture with a note where they were killed in action and the date. In fact one female soldier who was running at my pace stopped and did 10 push-ups at every fallen soldiers picture. There wasn’t a dry eye in the group I was with when at one of the mile markers was the family of that fallen soldier and they were there cheering the runners on. When his Mom began to cry when the female soldier was doing push-ups at his picture it was very moving. It probably the most heartfelt moment I have ever had during a race. The race swag was great also the shirt was nice and instead of a medal we all got bronze type dog tags (Picture on FB page ). But the most prized gift I received was rubber bracelet of 1st LT Tom Martin – KIA Oct 14, 2007. That will be on my wrist till it falls apart.

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